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Published Sexual Preference of millions of people

Adult Friend FinderSexual orientation or the wish for an affair: Millions extremely piquant data from customer contact platform Adult Friend Finder have surfaced in the Tor network.

Hackers have access to internal databases provides the contact platform Adult Friend Finder is published in the hidden services of the Tor network. This is not just about payment information, but also very personal information, including possible sexual preferences and customer requests for affairs. It affects 3.9 million of claims to have 63 million customers of the company.

Get connection, get sex or someone Hot acquainted, so applying the platform based in California Contact Adult Friend Finder their services. Anyone who registers there must be equal to a few juicy details revealed about himself: homosexuality, sexual preferences and even the nature of this relationship. The stolen data should therefore also reveal who will be unfaithful.

Data of former customers will not be deleted

And apparently, the data will not be erased even by those who have logged on the platform. At least one former client found his data in the published record again. He had soon realized that the contact platform was not for him, because he was looking for a long-term relationship, he said. He had deleted his account there.

Data thieves use once their prey to ship via the tapped email addresses Spam. Former customer reports a true e-mail flood with partly virus-infected attachments.

Much more men than women

The company has now been published on its website the usual tight-lipped note, the incident will be taken seriously and investigated. In addition, the law enforcement agencies had been informed.

Analysis of the data by a British TV broadcaster, however, revealed another interesting observation: At least in the UK, far more men than women have registered on the contact platform - in the ratio 16: 1.


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