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Blog about offshore outsourcing and scammer in the outsourcing industry - Thomas Tryon - is hiding his identity - this seems to be a scam

Thomas Tryon is using the identity (name and picture) of the author Thomas Tryon, which died already Sep 4, 1991. 

The risk to get scammed from such people is 99%. He even did not like to understand the warnings written in my comments under his postings. A "Director of Database Management" is reacting in another way than he. It seems that he is not mature enough to make serious business. So it looks like the full content of his profile is only a fake or a big lie.


Source: Wikipedia

Picture from Thomas Tryon:


LinkedIn profile of Thomas Tryon -

Thomas Tryon

Thomas Tryon

Director of Database Management PCM Capital Partners:

  1. PCM Capital Partners
  1. Assent/ Sungard
  2. Greenwich Equity Partners
  1. Trinity College-Hartford




LinkedIn offer from Thomas Tryon - in the group Call Centre search:

Thomas Tryon - Tri-care full forms avai...rsion rates. _ LinkedIn.pdf (3.98 mb)

Thomas Tryon _ LinkedIn 2015-03-11.pdf (5.36 mb)

Thomas Tryon _ LinkedIn 2015-03-12.pdf (5.64 mb)


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