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Scammer Himesh Rajput

The scammer Himesh Rajput proves with his offer "Easy Work Of DATABASE OF CREDIT CARD By Usa Banking Form Filling" that:

  • he has no credit card
  • he has no idea how credit card companies are working
  • how credit card payments getting processed
  • how banks are working
  • how banks are connected to credit card companies
  • how banks are connected to payment processors
  • how credit cards getting requested
  • how credit cards getting issued
  • he has no idea about the banking secrecy

It seems that the brain of the scammer Himesh Rajput got already destroyed from drugs, alcohol or he had never any education. In any case seems that his brain is so small that you need to blow it up for bringing it to a size of a pea. This fact gets shown already that the scammer likes his own posting at LinkedIn.

The entry "hi i am providing a buisness opportunity to the people" in the LinkedIn profile summary from the scammer Himesh Rajput should get replaced with the words "I'm scamming people because I'm too lazy for real work".

Center owners, which have liked the posting and which have requested more information about the process, are even more stupid than the scammer Himesh Rajput because they are proving that they have no idea about the business they like to do. Every business man needs to know what is possible and what not. If people are too lazy to inform themselves about the data protection law they are guilty by themselves if they are getting scammed. If people get more than one time scammed then they should think to consult a madhouse doctor instead of trying making business. Maybe a street cleaning job will fit better for them. Business is not a kindergarten game!

The only thing he knows that he needs to hide himself behind an anonymous profile that nobody can bring him to jail. You can be sure that you'll get only the experience how the feeling is by getting scammed if you are paying for getting this work. More stupid than the scammer are these people which are asking for more information on the posting from the scammer Himesh Rajput:

Read more about the data protection law at Important Information About Non-Voice Processes (Form Filling, Backoffice, etc.) And Inbound Campaigns.


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