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Scammer Pete Bragansa dismantles himself in his defense

Peter Bragansa tries to defend himself by writing directly into screenshots from my scammer reports. He forgets by his overwhelming intelligence that he is dismantling himself by doing so, because his arguments can get used against him.

His poor arguments are shown in the picture and the attached .pdf documents.

  1. Argument: this is the customer service manager and not responsible for non payment
    Failure in his argumentation: If the customer service manager Ms. Yenda Liboon would not be responsible for something, then she would not get named at the Better Business Bureau. Ms. Yenda Liboon gets named from the BBB under the caption Business Management from the company All Fix Tech. For this reason she is the same way responsible for the company like Pete Bragansa by himself.

  2. Argument: we had a A rating until the bank stopped working in high risk and no place to process; and thus we could not service or refund customers
    That is nothing else than a put-off. He had not enough funds on the bank for refunding customers. Even the bank has cancelled his account because Pete Bragansa has been the high risk. If it would had been really the case that the bank stopped working with him and he would had have enough funds at his account, he could transfer the funds to another bank for refunding the customers.

  3. Argument: after our bank worked stopped working in high risk, we were left in massive debts, and unlike the banks in 2008, we did not get bailout from the government
    Here Peter Bragansa confirms, that for the bank has been his business a very high risk and there have been no funds on his account, which could get transferred to another bank. For this are not his customers guilty and his customers have still the right to get their money back. Why the government should pay Pete Bragansas debts?

  4. Argument: yes a statement like Chase, Citibank and Bank of America made that they were going to go out of business in 2008 without $10-30 billion in bailout each
    Why Pete Bragansa likes to compare his sham business with the business of a bank. He even did not have any assets, which could made to money. Why the government should bail him out? In such a case everybody would take money from the government and nobody would need to work. But who will pay in such a case any money for the government, what can get distributed to the people? Pete Bragansa is showing with this arguments, that he is no business man and is even not able to think. For this reason he is only showing his milk maid calculation.

  5. Argument: when i was 15, I was a janitor at truckstop. it's a joke.
    With this answer Pete Bragansa shows only that he has no higher education. Anyway the screenshot from his Facebook profile got taken on March 1, 2017:

    Everybody can use the website and there he will see that the German word "Hausmeister" gets translated into the English words caretaker or janitor. So Pete Bragansa liked to be 15 years old on March 1, 2017? How he can own a company in this case? Minors are not responsible for their doings. Has he opened All Fix Tech in the age of 11? BBB reports that All Fix Tech is already 4 years in business!

  6. Argument: i went to court and fought off the federal government for 3 months and got 1 year probation. Rudolf would probably break down and cry if they got a speeding ticket. after being Charged with 18 federal felonies, the government offered us to plead guilty to one count: of mislabeling pill bottles. I said ok. the first trial ended in a mistrial.
    If Pete Bragansa is using such arguments for his defense, then he even not understands life. He shows that mislabeling pill bottles is a cavalier offense like getting a speeding ticket. As the judge has shown him already one time his limits, he tries now to earn his life support with other offenses. How someone like Pete Bragansa, who has stopped developing himself in somewhere in the age of a minor, be a trusted business man? I think that he needs to come an adult first until someone can take him for serious.

Such people like Pete Bragansa need some protection against themselves. He thinks that such a way is a good defense, but it has been only a dismantling of himself. It seems that he is only able to think with his private parts and is not able to use his brain.

Pete Bragansa defense himself.pdf (2.16 mb)

Pete Bragansa defense 2.pdf (4.88 mb)


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