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Scammer: Richa Jain - invented campaigns without any knowledge

The scammer Richa Jain proves with her actual campaign offer that she got stupid born and did not learn something until now. The scammer is even too stupid to invent a believable campaign. Even that I called her in my last article: ”Scammer: Richa Jain from Facebook and BPO Friends” already to be a scammer did not impress her very much. Now we see some more unbelievable offers at Facebook from her:

Screenshot Richa Jain campaign offers

Banks, wherever they are located, cannot give any outsourcing process where the center has access to the customer data. If a bank is doing this they will lose their customers because there is bank secrecy available. The same is valid for credit card companies. Every staff member of a bank or credit card company has to pass a very intensive background check before he is getting hired. Nobody from UK or USA will hire a scammer from India for their campaigns.

The scammer even doesn’t know that banks are not working 24 hours a day and the scammer even does not know the average income from call center staff in UK and USA. The offered hourly rates are already manager salaries. Why shall some company outsource a process if they are paying more as by hiring local staff for the same work?

A bank will not make a 24 hours service if the calls from late in the night until in the morning can get counted by using one hand. Bank transactions are mostly done by using the Internet, only some older people are going during the day directly to the front desk of their bank.

At credit card companies is during the night only the card blocking hotline working. This process cannot get outsourced because of the data protection law in the traditional outsourcing countries.

With other words the scammer Richa Jain needs urgently money and does not like to work for it. For this she is offering dreams instead of campaigns and hopes that some stupid one will pay her for these dreams. Like I told it already at the beginning the scammer Richa Jain got stupid born and learned nothing. I think she has never seen a school from inside.


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