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Scammer: Rohit Malhotra - Accent Technologies with missing geography knowledge

Recently I got questions about an Italian Telecom inbound process. I have been surprised about this, because the questioners are coming from an area of the world where the country Italy and the language Italian is only as available in the world known.

My first question has been if their center has Italian speaking agents. Their answer surprised me more because they said no it is an English speaking campaign. English speaking in Italy? That could only be a mistake or a SCAM. I have taken a look into the campaign description found at (attached to this article too) and there has been really written at the first page “Italian Telcom Customer care – – Language Used: English”!!!

Accent TechnologiesAs an Austrian citizen I know Italy very well, because it is a neighbor country. If you are in the Tourist areas, then you have a higher chance to speak with someone by using the German language then by using English. There is even one area in Italy, which is called South Tirol. It has been belonged before the world war to Austria. There you even find more people, which are speaking German. With English you have only a chance in the big and expensive hotels.

Additional is written at the pdf document and at the homepage from Accent Technologies that a price war has happened in 2013. The first price war has happened before the European Union got founded, because the Telecom business has been in Europe a monopoly of the government before. The membership to the European Union reduced dramatically the prices for the telephone minutes. The next price war has started with the upcoming of the Voice over IP services. For this even this information is wrong, because the costs of the phone minutes and contracts have reduced to a level where you nearly get paid for making a phone call instead of paying for the minutes you speak.

If we take a closer look to the offer from Accent Technologies, then we find the following SCAM facts:

  • Accent Technologies is hiding themselves in the anonymity of the internet
  • Accent Technologies even does not have an own homepage. They are using the free hosting service from Yola. It seems that they even not have enough money for registering an own domain.
  • Accent Technologies is spamming the same campaign at LinkedIn for example in the group “BPO/KPO Networking” twice a day with more than 10 of entries (same content) under the username Rohit Malhotra.
  • Rohit Malhotra cannot show his face in his profile.

Italian Process.pdf (650.1KB)

Rohit Malhotra - LinkedIn.pdf (7.2MB)


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