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Scammer: Star Technologies - Form Filling

No ScamsThe Scammer Star Technologies is even not able to use his name in his spam email, which he has sent out. They are even using only free hosting services and the free email from Google. It seems they are so poor that they even have not enough money for registering at least a limited company and a domain. They are thinking that sending out an email with an invented campaign can make them rich by taking some up-front fees.

Everybody is stupid, which sends them some money. If you have done that already than you should go into the next hospital and let check yourself for any mental illness!

In the traditional outsourcing countries are no Form Filling campaigns available. The law does not allow that consumer or customer data are getting accessed from offshore. The fines are very high and since the case from AT&T you'll not find any company, which likes to take such a risk.

You even can be sure that not one company from Australia, Canada, European Union and USA will hire for their outsourcing process a company from India or another low wage country. Especially such companies, which are even not able to present themselves in a serious way. Freemailer, no own domain, etc. are the signs of SCAMMER. Each company will define accuracy parameters if they would outsource such a campaign.

The email Star Technologies has sent out:

From: Star Technologies [
Sent: Monday, July 06, 2015 10:52 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Seats Available for Form Filling Process Without Accuracy



Greetings Centers,

This E-mail sent to you is regarding a very Simple Campaign.

We Star Technologies have a Great news for Centers looking for a Process to run at their Center.


In this Project the Client will provide Center with an Online URL for form which agents needs to fill and submit it, the demo form and demo data will be provided to center on their request.


Approx Time taken for filling One form will be 15 minutes; so if we calibrate based on 8 hrs per day; each employee of the center can complete on an average 25 -30 forms easily per day.


Payout: What the Client will be paying is $1100 as a fixed Pay for each employee every month. This fix pay will be payable till the ongoing the contract is valid for the time period mentioned and also which can be renewed for 3 years after renegotiation based on your quality and productivity.


The Bank Guarantee will be provided, While the Payments will done through wire transfer and no deduction or Hold of any payments will be carried, but do inform us of our mistakes so that they are not repeated. If needed, the data will send back for rework.


The Client will send Bank Guarantee of $10500 from their respective banks which will be confirmed as well as payable in India.


Requirements of the Client to be fulfilled by the Center:


·         Client requirement: 20 Forms,  Per Agent, Per Day 

·         The Working Hours: As per Indian Hours.

·         The Maximum Working Hours: 8 hours per day.

·         Working days: will be Monday to Friday

                                         Saturday & Sunday will be granted off.

·         Working Times will be 07 am to 03 pm (IST) for the Day Shift,

·         The Training & the instruction sheets will be forwarded by the Client.

·         The training of the center by the Client will be ongoing for 5 working days. 

·      While to be specific the training period won’t be counted in the Billing.

·         The training which will be provided by the Client will be nothing but a Dummy Training.




Commercial Involved

Business Procurement Charges

Royalty Not Charged



Questions concerning this process like further information can be discussed further via Skype as well as Emails.

Do add us on Skype at your earliest convenience or you can schedule an appointment. We are look forward for the same.

We take great pleasure in bringing these available seats to your attention and are delighted to offer you the opportunity to run the process at your Center. We hope you share our excitement about this availability and will join us.

If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. We will give you the attention and service you would expect.



Warm Regards

Star Technologies



Skype startechnologies.information


The scammer Star Technologies even is to lazy to inform themselves about the kinds and functions of a bank guarantee. They only try to impress with a lot of words and promises but the even don't know about what they are writing.

You can find the following reports already about Star Technoglogies at this blog:

It seems that Star Technologies is even to stupid for scamming!


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