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Scamwarning: Book Typing, Proof Reading, All types of Form Filling, HTML Tagging

FormsToday I got an interesting comment on one of my LinkedIn postings about scammer. This comment explains how the non voice processes are getting traded and why they are only offered with a huge upfront fee.

You can find the original posting in the LinkedIn group: Process Group: BPO, Call Center, Data Entry, KPO by following this link. I have copied the content of the comment:

Vilas UnawaneVilas Unawane
Owner Quantum Research Systems Pvt Ltd



Hello Mr Rudolf,

There are another set of scammers..who work very openly and have nice offices,technical support and sell 'work at home type' single ID's.The process is so well designed that an average skill person will never be able to get the desired accuracy. Losing money with very well designed reports which are many a times disputable.After a detailed research it was observed that only 2 to 3% of the people get paid out of which 50% get paid less than 50%.The business goes on like any life insurance company.Only 3 to 4% claim depth benefit.I made and algorithm to simulate the cash flow and it was observed that such companies make money with even 50% qualifying rate.They also have MLM type sales network.To arrest such pratice I started a FREE consulting service and a prepared a detailed manual how to identify such process and how to tackle accuracy to get best performance.There is also a one hour short course on all those interested to understand the pitfalls of the work.

Lastly we also found same data is given again and again with only 20% fresh data with an intention of disqualifying he working agent.The reason is the company has advanced tools to compare the agents data with their 100% correct data in their own database.

In short even a genuine process can be easily scammed only to make more money. 

Typical process in this category are: Book Typing, Proof reading, All types of form filling, HTML Tagging.

Vilas Unawane

Remember: Each upfront, any fee - however she is called - and any security deposit is only SCAM.


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