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The red herring and/or deception around Wesley Jon Pollard

A person with the Facebook profile calling himself Bruce Young shared on September 11,  2015 06:16pm (GMT+2) with Christopher Claude my LinkedIn posting where I had in the comments section a communication with Wesley Jon Pollard and explained him that hiding himself in anonymity is not good base for making business. I also explained him my motivation for hunting scammers.

The content from Bruce Young:

Check this out

The big investigator, police man (Sargent) and Sherlock Holmes from Eynsham did even not follow the link and posted his flames against me into the comment, because he has been thinking that Bruce Young sent him the link with the article “Is Christopher Caudle more than just a friend of the alleged scammer Wesley Jon Pollard?”.

By taking a look at the Facebook profile of Bruce Young I find the first 17 postings done on August 22, 2015. On the same day he has created a page with the name “Scammers Beware”, which has until now only 8 likes and two postings – the self-promotion of the page - done on August 22, 2015.

August 23, 2015: Bruce Young started his Facebook campaign where he is searching for Wesley Jon Pollard.

On September 10, 2015 Bruce Young published the first time a transcript of the Skype communication with Wesley Jon Poilard. This communication is dated from August 21, 2015.

Christopher Claude reported Wesley Jon Pollard in a forwarded email to me on August 26, 2015 as missing since July 7, 2015 – the email is dated with July 30, 2015. A copy of the email gets found in the updates from August 26, 2015 at the article “Scammer Wesley Jon Pollard - - -

My opinion about the rumors around Wesley Jon Pollards disappearance is nothing else than a red herring or a deception:

  • Someone, who communicated per Skype on August 21 will not get searched two days later already.

  • Someone, who needs to hide, will not get in contact by using Skype with people from which he is hiding.

  • Someone, who needs to hide, will not use his old and existing accounts for offers of his new company ( for the case he did it not by a mistake.

  • Someone, who has nothing to hide, does not need to block me at LinkedIn
    Here a screenshot from Wesley Jon Pollards public profile when I'm logged in as Rudolf Faix at LinkedIn:
    Screenshot shows that Wesley Jon Pollard has blocked me on LinkedIn

    And here a screeshot from the same time, using another browser, without beeing logged in:
    Screenshot of the public LinkedIn profile without loginBlocking someone on LinkedIn does not really help. It makes the person only more suspicious. Everybody has a lot of friends and sometimes others are giving you access for searching some information. In such a case the blocking gets dismantled easily.

It is also my opinion that if somebody is searching for Wesley Jon Pollard he will find him at the place of the people whose name should get removed from the publicity or which are making the most rumors. For me it looks like that the profile from Bruce Young with the picture from the wrestler and actor “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, got only created for helping Wesley Jon Pollard. I think that even the published pictures from Wesley Jon Pollard are only a fake and are showing in reality someone else.

Other articles about the case around Wesley Jon Pollard:


Bruce-Young-Chris-Caudle-message.pdf (231.25 kb)

Facebook-profile-Bruce-Young.pdf (6.39 mb)

LinkedIn-posting-Call-center-owners-dont-start-working-without-a-security-deposit-given-by-the-client.pdf (152.52 kb)

Update Jan. 18, 2017:
Link from the Facebook profile Christopher Claude ( removed as it returns error 404 - not found.


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