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Top Outsourcing Concerns

Hiring an offshore call center provider can make even the most seasoned executive a little bit nervous. In reality, there are many reasons to be nervous. An external company is being hired to speak directly with your customers on your behalf. However, these concerns can be overcome by hiring the right call center. 

Here are the top outsourcing concerns:

  1. Scam
    You'll find scam everywhere where business is done. Especially by doing business over the Internet. For this make a background check about your future business partner. Scammer are lazy, they are even to lazy that they are informing themselves about the business. For this are able to find out if you are talking with a real business partner by asking him specific questions about his work. A scammer will not be able to give you a suitable answer to your questions.

  2. Quality
    You know your product best. If you provide quality by a good presentation of your product, a good FAQ, the differences to your competitors and good sales arguments then it will be easy to get the telemarketers trained to sell your product.

    Don't choose cheap Internet offers for buying the data, which the telemarketer shall call. This data are already heavy used and for this is it difficult to sell something by calling. People, which are already angry at the time picking up their phone, will very seldom take an advantage of even a good offer. The most good data provider are only selling their data packages only inside the country. For this is it very hard for an offshore call center to get such quality data.
    You get what you pay for - nobody is able to work for free for you and a call center is not a data provider. Quality call centers will use your data only for your campaigns.

    So many outsourcing companies do not provide dialing data. Reason is they don't wanna mess with keeping the center up to date, because the company have their agents and other tons of center they work with. In many cases company pays huge amount to other companies in place of giving them data . That is exactly the wrong way for a successful outsourcing. 

    Choose a call center where the agent is immediately on the phone when he calls you. Playing a prerecorded message first will tell to the called one, that a call center is calling, which likes to sell something to him. The most of the dialer are working in a different way. There the agent picks up the phone only if the called one is already in the line.

  3. Loss of control
    Quality call centers are offering features, which are giving you the same possibilities like at an inhouse call center. You can can get:
    * actual status of the calls done for you
    * a spy connection where you can listen the actual call
    * recordings immediately after the hangup of the call
    * actual online call detail records after the call ended
    * a direct connection to the agents working for you
    Use all this possibilities for make the best out of your outsourcing process. The only difference to an inhouse call center is that you can communicate with "your" agents only over the phone or by using some messenger like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.

  4. Language
    The accent is not so important like the sales talent of the agent. Our best telemarketer in Austria is coming from Romania. If your mother tongue is German, than you hear that she is not a native German speaker, but it does not matter if she sell something to a customer coming from Austria, Germany or Switzerland. She has in any case success. So don't overweight the language barrier. The sale can be even be easier for such people than for native speakers.

  5. Price
    Offshore outsourcing is cheaper than to run your own call center, but don't expect that the big savings are already during the first month. You have to invest some time into the training of "your" agents and you have to listen to the recordings and tell them where they are making failures and give them some information how they can improve their performance. It is the same work like you need to do by hiring a new staff. The savings are coming with the time. Mostly they are starting during the second month.



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