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Venu Gophal - a scammer tries to survive with a revenge posting

Venu GophalVenu Gophal seems to be a seldom stupid scammer. He posted on Facebook that Anush Muhammad from BPO Help is a bribe group and that Wizards Technologies, HiFlyer, Hopewell, 2A Solutions, etc. have paid the bribe to get removed from his site. As Venu Gophal is like every other scammer too lazy to make his homework and to use his own brain, he seems not to know that it does not make any sense for Wizards Technologies and HiFlyer to pay some bribe to get removed from one site. There are many more sites available, which are describing the scam offers from Wizards Technologies and HiFlyer. A bribe would make sense if only one site is posting negative things about a company, but in the case of Wizards Technologies and HiFlyer are getting found a lot of postings from different sources and at different sites on the Internet. Venu Gophal is only confirming that he has no intelligence and no education. Maybe that is the reason why he thinks that a revenge posting could help him get his problems removed.

Not one client from the traditional outsourcing countries will search and hire a campaign broker from a low wage country like India for the only reason that this broker can fill his own pockets. A client, who is not able to pay the broker, whom he has hired will not be able to pay the hired centers. So why shall pay a center any upfront fees or the joke of a security deposit?

The attack seems to fit together with the latest posting at BPO Help, where the scammer Sagar Mishra & Synpase Telco Pvt Ltd. are thinking that they have just invented the computing and data processing:

The latest SCAM to break the market and loot small and mid sized entrepreneurs is being run by Sagar Mishra, Managing Director of Synpase Telco Pvt Ltd based in Mira Road, Thane.
Other Directors of the Company are Mr Chandrakant Mataprasad Mishra, Mrs Sashi Chandrakant Mishra who are parents of Mr Sagar Mishra.
Synapse claims to have a direct sign up with ICICI Bank for KYC Data Entry. This is a total scam process launched by Sagar Mishra and his team members 'Jia Sharma' aka Varsha.
They are also showing fraudulent authorization papers from ICICI to give out the process but no such authorization has been given by ICICI to Synapse.
Another scam process launched by Sagar & his team is CCPH (Centralized Collection & Payment Hub) which is Cheque Collection process for ICICI/AXIS Bank.

It is a very simple fact and a big failure in the offer above: the bank secrecy makes such an offer impossible. Why one bank in the world should hire a broker that this scammer will find some other people for their processing? That will lead to a big security hole in the fund processing of a bank. Not one bank is so stupid like the Indian scammer thinks about it.

The posting from Venu Gophal at Facebook:

Anush threaten me he will complaint me in police station because posting about him without proof. he told himself that "he is shark for BPO industry .. if he is shark i am hunter ..i will hunt and make fry and eat it
i will give recordings to CBI
i have each and every recording around 45 recordings. i will give what he did conversion with rajeev..those who need recordings ping me personally ..BPO help is bribe group.
harassment for net link process ,when asked refund
1) Anush ways of managing Bpo help where he's the sole person to decide which posts will remain active as a scammer and which will be removed. Removal will depend on strength of scammer to fill Anush pockets
2)To remove post about sagar mishra,sagar mishra ready to pay 10 lacs but rajeev told to anush that demanded 20 lacs from sagar mishra so that he is behind bar similar to like this he charged money from wizards technologies,
hiflyer , hopewell, 2A solutions those who paid money post will be removed from bpo help
EX: there is no post about hopewell solutions
3)Same principles he's applying on centers also .taking huge upfront from centers and not giving payments to all but only to those who will involve with him to get more centers then only he will pay that center
note: he will use girls profile or use girls to trap centers
if centers directors speak to much,that girls say that they try
to rape us ,if directors is female ,he will do sexual harreshment
many womens not reported about him because family issues and he had good power in mumbai malad police station and local goons
4)Might be after this post if you want to earn lots of money Anush will use his evil weapons(GIRLS) to call you to Mumbai and offer you bribe to remove posts and be his partner in his pvt Ltd company where he does scam with
Asif giving weapon of Malad police station as base to support him including Mumbai police ACP .Like Rajeev smartly did use Anush by asking to join him and after that only Anush went to
Malad and also removed Rajeev who was a scammer once upon a time in bpo help
5)Today both Rajeev and Anush are together supporting each other as end clients and earning too on
sharing basis from recovery and other scam outsourcing process like inbound pharma,
icici data entry and also pan card
6)Anush company name is orbitel. Orbitel Network Infrastructure Pvt Ltd purchased by Anush last month at 5 lacs where him and asif scamming in BPO process outsourcing using dynamic weapons WITH GIRLS .
Anush and rajeev ahuja office
address No:19, ascent business park, 3rd floor, SEJ plaza, Marva Road, Malad West, Mumbai.
rajeevs former company before 2012 Firm name gennex business technologies
He had closed this firm and started new other firms
RAJEEV IS BACKGROUND PARNTER AND REAL PARTNER IS AS ASIF had major role is mumbai malad police station and with local goons
8) he won't take money directly from centers or vicitim , he 'll use some third party ..ask them to put money n there account ..from them he will get it . At least they 'll b in trouble .. to keep there reputation .. they 'll give from there pocket
check below pics about netlink transaction how he scammed ppls

Why Sagar Mishra shall pay some bribe to get removed from one site? If you enter in the Google search line the words sagar mishra scam then you'll get 348,000 results. Why Sagar Mishra shall pay anything to get removed from one site?

Even the argument, that there is no post about Hopewell Solutions is a very poor one. If someone enters at the Google search line the words hopewell solutions scam then he gets 462,000 results. Why Hopewell Solutions shall pay a bribe for getting removed from one site?

All these facts makes Venu Gophal to nothing else than to a scammer who is connected to the mentioned scammers! The only result he got is, that he and his scammer friends are now listed at one site more, where he even cannot get removed for all money of the world.


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